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My Return to Concorde Deluxe!

| May 22, 2016 | ScottishRM | 0

I had just returned back from another wonderful stay at the Concorde Deluxe Resort and have to admit it was another brilliant holiday even better…Read More

Concorde De Luxe Tour and Review

| December 29, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Today’s video I have done this slightly different from normal where we have Concorde De Luxe Tour and Review all in one video! I hope…Read More

Antalya Jeep Safari

| December 28, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Video of the Antalya Jeep Safari I went on during my holiday in Turkey

Sea to Sky

| December 27, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

  During my recent holiday to the Concorde de Luxe Resort in Antalya, Turkey I took a trip for the day and on the excursion went…Read More

Concorde De Luxe Resort

| November 22, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

I have recently comeback from staying at the Concorde De Luxe Resort and must say how much I was impressed by this beautiful hotel. The…Read More

Xanadu Island Hotel

| September 11, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Xanadu Island Hotel Upon arrival to the hotel I was lucky to be upgraded to a ‘Romance Suite’ which was amazing with a lounge area,…Read More

Turquoise Resort Hotel & Spa

| September 3, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Turquoise Resort Hotel & Spa, near Side, Antalya Everything about the hotel is great from the rooms, to the pools, to the entertainment, staff food,…Read More

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