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My Return to Concorde Deluxe!

| May 22, 2016 | ScottishRM | 0

I had just returned back from another wonderful stay at the Concorde Deluxe Resort and have to admit it was another brilliant holiday even better…Read More

Saitek Multi Panel

| November 1, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Today we have a look at the Saitek Multi Panel, used for flight Simulator with many great features and making your gaming experience even better….Read More

Sonesta Beach Resort & Casino

| September 3, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

Sonesta Beach Resort & Casino, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt This hotel is great for all types of travellers going on holiday! I was located in…Read More

Sonos – Play:1

| July 29, 2015 | ScottishRM | 0

For a while I have had the Sonos – Play:1 Speakers In this weeks video, I talk about it in a bit of detail why…Read More

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