Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Well what can I say?  We are already in 2022 and I must admit, 2021 was a year with many highs and some lows that is for sure!  Let’s take a look back at 2021 from the begining with the top moments of each month!

  • January – During January I remained on furlough after being put on it not long before Christmas which was very difficult along with the UK still being in a lockdown.  I managed to attend trainign to become a Patient Advocate as part of the COVID Vaccination Programme.  Not only that, I spend 3 weekends in January away helping train vaccination volunteers!  As part of becoming a Patient Advocate I was able to spend time at a vaccination centre which also allowed me to get my vaccination!  The month ddid end on a sad note however, when I was fully let go from the job I had.
  • February – Another month, another lockdown along with being jobless and despite trying my best having knockbacks and not even getting an interview.  I did manage to do some volunteering at Vaccination Centres which helped alot along with some more helping out with vaccination training.
  • March – I got a new job!  I was lucky enough to get a job as a porter at my local hospital!  Sadly no Theme Parks were able to open in March when they normally would.  It did however make it much easier knowning that I was back in employment. 
  • April – Lockdown starts to wind-down in the UK which is great news.  I also managed to get my second COVID Vaccination along with this, at the month Thorpe Park re-opened so I was able to start to get back to my normally and having fun of the Theme Parks! 
  • May – Not alot happened in May, with my job, I still managed to get a day volunteering at a vaccination centre so was nice to be able to help out wioth the roll out.  I also managed to get my 2nd trip of the year back to Thorpe Park aswell.  Along with this, I started to plan a ‘UK Adventure’ in the hope of having some time off.
  • June – I took some time off work with lockdown having eased I just wanted to have some personal time to do some fun things!  During the time off, I attended a Event Manager Foundation Coruse as part of my volunteering with St John Ambulance.  Not only that we had some great weather so I took a trip through to London.  Then I had a 2 night trip to Alton Towers, a much needed rest away from home.
  • July – July was plenty of hard work as normal for me, but I managed to take 2 trips to help out at a Vaccination Centre which was great.  Not only that I also managed to get a tirp back to Thorpe Park again, after all I always need to make sure I go once a week at least.  Along with this, I also was moved fully into the Emergency Department as a porter, which to this day I very much enjoy!
  • August – As always, I feel like the only updates I give each month is working away!  During August I was made a Interim Unit Manager at St John Ambulance and worked on plans for our return of face-to-face training at our unit building.  Sadly my holiday to Orlando was cancelled so I took a refund and planned in September with my time off another staycation for the 2 weeks!
  • September – I had a 2 week staycation, using my time off work that was due to be for Orlando.  I managed to go and see the 2nd last showing of Josepth and the Technicolour Dreamcoat staring Alexander Burke at the London Palladium.  After this, I launched the SJA return to face-to-face training.  I had a further trip to London to enjoy the London Eye and London Dungeon being a full on tourist along with going to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I then took a trip to Legoland Windsor to check out their new attraction Flight of Sky Lion and yes, I went back to Thorpe Park as well!  After going home for a 2 day rest, I then took my second trip of the year back to Alton Towers!  After this and some more rest, I ended up going back (again!) to Thorpe Park this time to meet up with my very good friend Gareth and Adam and we went to Chessington World of Adventures the following day.  Sure was a very busy time off thats for sure,
  • October – The highlight of my year.  Thorpe Park run their Fright Nights during October and I took 2 trips for 2 over night stays at Thorpe Park (because why not)  As part of the second visit I had to Fright Nights, I took a ‘Behind the Screams Tour’ where I got a tour around Platform 15 and Creek Freek Mazes! Sadly, this was the end of my trips to Thorpe Park for 2021 since they then closed for the season!
  • November – Apart from work, ther eisn;t a huge amount to update you on.  As part of my volunteering with St John Ambulance, I was looking after the cadets for the Rememberence Sunday Parade, of hwich I ended up being in the parade itself (not sure how that happened!) along with providing some First Aid cover to some people who needed it, it was an amazing expereince something I never thought would happen.  Along with this, I took a trip back to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, after it didn’t run in 2020 due to COVID, it was nice to go back, after I enjoyed the food, drinks and rides I then went to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!  In addition to this, I had my interview to ‘fully’ become a Unit Manager for St John Ambulance, of which I was successful in!
  • December – I decided to go back to Scotland for the weekend to visit my family which was a nice (although very short trip) as I hadn’t been to Scotland since Christmas 2019 due to being unable to travel last year as a result of COVID and lockdowns.  I also completed my BLS Assesment for St John Ambulance which means that I can remain as a qualified First Aider during 2022.

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