Tue. Jan 25th, 2022


Well, I can’t believe that is us at the end of 2015 already, it seems not long ago I was looking back at 2014 for this year to already have just flown past me all so quick!

It’s not easy to look back to the full year but I will try and give it my best that’s for sure!

In January, I had attended a interview with Aquatron Dive Centre, in Glasgow where back in December 2014 I had applied to work with them on a Dive Master Internship and was so pleased to get an interview for this and meet with some of the team in the dive centre.

At the end of February, I was then given the great and exciting news that I had been successful with my interview and I had then started my first shift with them working in their shop from March.

It was very exciting for me, getting to do in my spare time something of which has deeply becoming a true hobby and something of which I truly enjoy and love.

Throughout 2015, I have been working in their shop at least twice a month, gaining some valuable experience of Scuba Diving, learning different equipment offered and not only that, one big way to learn is talking to other scuba divers while serving them.

During this year, I had only completed one course with them, which in a main part is due to may day job but I had managed to complete one thing, of which was something I was wanting to do, First Aid!  This was as part of the EFR Course which was great to complete as is such a valuable skill to have, no mater where you go, you never know when the skill will come in useful.

Throughout 2016, I can assure you that I will be doing allot more scuba diving so keep an eye on my site, for many updates as I progress up towards completing my Dive Master Internship.

During this year, I also attended two Dive Shows, one back in February in London and the other in Birmingham in October both of these were great to attend mainly just for listening to some talks / exhibitions which were on.

One of the reasons, I will be doing plenty of scuba dives in 2016 is due to having most of the equipment needed of which I have now invested so with this, it will give me the mindset of doing this and making use of everything I own.  I will also be posting some reviews of the equipment I have on youtube and my website as well.

Not to fully move away from Scuba Diving, I went back for my third visit to the Reef Oasis Beach Resort in Sharm el Sheikh.  During this visit to the hotel, of which I just love due to the brilliant service you get along with the wonderful on-site dive centre I also decided that for 2015, I would complete some Fun Dives during my holiday due to having the internship I don’t need to complete any more training at my own cost so this was a brilliant way to just complete 20 fun dives over the two weeks where I was able to purely work on the key skills of a scuba diver my buoyancy and breathing.  By the end of the 20 dives I was allot more confident underwater which in part was due to the great instructors at the dive centre helping with this.

I have been planning to go back to the Reef Oasis in 2016 and I am hoping very much to be able to go back there in May, however at the moment due to the travel ban to Sharm el Sheikh directly from the UK this is currently not possible so I am hoping very much that everything will be fine by then, as the UK have always been very supportive of Sharm so it could be possible who knows.

The visit to Sharm in May was not my only holiday over the year as in November I took a trip back to Turkey after not being there for a while staying at the wonderful five star hotel, Concorde De Luxe Resort where I went just to have a weeks of relaxation after a very busy few months of work and I must say it was such a lovely stay at the hotel where everything was so wonderful and perfect.

Now, 2015 was also good for another reason with the birth of my nephew Alex which was such wonderful news, for another part of my personal life I had also attended a great family event where I had got to see many of the family of which I have not seen or spoken to for a very very long time!

Well, from me for this look back at the year past that’s all I can think of anyway as after all its not so easy trying to remember everything from the past year so as we are at the start of another new year, its time to look forward to what this year will hold that’s for sure!

2016 see’s my 30th year (now im starting to feel very old!  and I will be having a great birthday party in February with all of my friends and family so I’m very much looking forward to that.

For travel, I hope very much to be going back to Sharm el Sheikh in May for my two week holiday, if not I will likely take a weeks holiday likely to Turkey and then plan to go for a two week holiday to Sharm in October or November time to do more scuba diving and get my dive count up even more.

I plan to at least start my Dive Master course at somepoint  but this will likely continue past 2016 but in the next few months I should have completed one closer step towards it by dong my Rescue Diver Course.

I will also try and work more on videos and updates on my website (not helped that earlier in 2015 had a major issue with my website and lost allot of work which took years to do, but I’m over that now almost!)

Thank you and best wishes to you all for 2016 and make sure you keep an eye on my website and subscribe to youtube where you will get more updates on my journey over the year.

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