Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Well as we come to the close of another decade and enter a new one, I thought I would take a look back at what I done and also my travels during 2010 – 2019.

Now of course there is many other parts of my life that happened during the past decade, but these are the key points that I have sharted throughout my Blog and over on YouTube.


  • Southamption – ‘A Performers’ trip with Thomas Cook onboard the MSC Cruise Ship
  • Travelled to Antalya staying at the Turquoise Resort Hotel & Spa


  • I took my first trip to Sharm el Sheikh where I stayed at the Sonesta Beach Resort.
  • I also took part in the Thomas Cook Childrens Charity Flight of Dreams


  • Started with an amazing trip to America which included Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and New York.
  • After this and at the time due to changes at work in regards to holiday discounts, I also took a holiday to Tenerife in May.
  • Unexpectedly, I also then had an opertunity to go to the London 2012 Olympics to help with customers picking up their tickets.  At the same time I took the opertunity to go to the Olympic Park. to this day I remember sitting watching the Hockey at the time when Andy Murry won the Tennis, the atmosphere was just amazing!


  • In May I traveld to Bodrum, Turkey staying at the amazing Xanadu Island, this was also a very difficult time as my Grandmother not long after passed away.
  • In September, I then travelled back to Sharm el Sheikh where I feel in love with the Reef Oasis Beach Resort and not only that I completed the PADI Open Water course and got he ‘buzz’ of scuba diving.


  • After staying at the Reef Oasis Beach Resort in Nov 2013, I took a trip back in May this time for two weeks.  During the holiday, I went on to complete my PADI Advance Open Water Course.
  • After this I wook my second holiday of the year to Spain, staying at the Barcelo Punta Umbria Beach Resort.


  • In February, I stared a Dive Master Internship with Aquatron
  • You guessed it, I took my 3rd trip to Sharm el Sheikh for two weeks, again staying at the Reef Oasis Beach Resort.  This time rather than doing further PADI Diving Courses, I just enjoyed ‘fun dives’ to get more practice and also to gain diving experience.  Little did I know that this would then be the last time I would be in Sharm el Shikh in this decade.
  • As we were unable to travel to Sharm, I decided to go to Antalya in November, where I stayed at the Concorde Delux Resort for what would be come the first of a few drips to the same hotel, mainly because of it being a nice hotel.


  • I travelled back to Antalya to the same hotel as I had stayed at in November of the pervious year this time for a two week holiday.
  • In August, I took my first trip to Insomnia where I made some great friends many of which are still very good friends of mine to this day.
  • As part of my work in October, I was also sent to Cayo Coco in Cuba due to Hurricane Matthew to assist customers.
  • Now, for me, that still was not enough travel, so in  November, I headed back to Antlya to stay again at the Concorde Delux Resort.


  • I went way at the start of June for two weeks this time, I decided to go back to Egypt, staying in Hurghada at the Steigenberger Aqua Resort where I was able to enjoy Scuba Diving, but also at the same time I decided that I would then complete further scuba diving training during my holiday and made the acheivement of PADI Rescue Diver!
  • In August, I then went back to Insomnia to meet up with the friends I had made and just to have an enjoyable time.
  • After this, in September, I travelled back to Cuba this time Varadero to assist after Hurricane Irma.
  • Now I needed another holiday!  So in November I travelled to Marsa Alam, Egypt and stayed at the Club Calimera, during that time I took 1 days diving as I was only there for seven nights.
  • During this year, I also had some trips down to Peterborough for work as part of a Dynamics 365 project which we were rolling out to the department I had worked in at the time


  • What a year this was and for me so much had also changed during this year.
  • In February I took a trip to Peterborough for work again, this time a 3 day trip turned into a 6 day trip due to the line’s north being blocked by snow, I also had a little ‘joke’ saying the way things are going, I may as well move down!
  • I took a trip back to Hurgahda to the Steigenberger Aqua Magic for a two week holiday, again being able to enjoy Scuba Diving without taking courses.
  • In July time, I had the opertunity to apply for a promotion based in, yes, Peterborough which I thought that I may as well go for it and then in August I was offered the job!
  • Yet again, was another trip back to Insomnia in August to meet with friends have (some) drinks and just overall a good time and also celebrate the promotion I had received.
  • It was also at the end of August where I had went back to Peterborough this time to look at flats to rent and signed the dotted line!
  • During September, I also took a trip to Peterborough office again as part of an unoflfical start of my new job role where I also travelled to Germany to our Thomas Cook office to take part in workshops for the future of the system I would be working on and then should have in the future been rolling out to them.  During the trip I also collected the keys to my flat, for my move down two weeks later.
  • At the end of September, I made the move, I left Scotland, my family and friends I had worked with over the years for a great opertuinity.
  • In October, I had started the new role based in Peterborough getting to see people I knew and made friends with over the years of working with Thomas Cook and had a very good few months.
  • As December came, I travelled back up to Scotland to see my family for the Christmas period after alot of hard work since I had moved


  • It was now the end of the decade and a year that changed so may peoples lifes.
  • At the end of March, I became a Merlin Annual Pass Holder, which would give me something to do at the weekends and in many ways, where I could just enjoy myself.  I took many trips to Thorpe Park to enjoy all the rides, so many times I have lost count!
  • In May, I decided I would take a even better holiday than I had over the decided and travelled to Cancun, Mexico staying at the beautiful Occidental Xcaret.  During the holiday, I enjoyed 4 days scuba diving which included diving in Cozemel and in a Cenotes which was an amaing expereince.
  • At the time as well, it started to get very worrying for the future, Thomas Cook was in the press alot, but we were being assured that everything was going to be OK and we didn’t have anything to worry about.
  • In August, I had travelled back to be with my friends at Insomnia again at this time, we were still assured that everything work wise would be OK and we ended up going to the Bear Grylls Adventure after being less than impressed by Insomnia!
  • Then September came, the worse time of so many of our lives.
    I still remember on Sunday 22nd September not getting any sleep at all, I was wide awake with the hope along with thousands of people I worked with that we would have a job the following day.
    Then Monday, 23rd September arrived, it was 2am, BBC News broke that Thomas Cook had collapesed and went into compulsary liquidation.
  • We went into the office that morning where at 10am, the liquidators confirmed this and that most of us no longer had a job and we were to go home.
  • I was one of the lucky ones, where a week later on 30th September, I had two interviews that same day and was offered a new job!
  • I started the new job on the 1st October and even to this day I am very much enjoying the new role I have even though its just not the same as it was when I was working for Thomas Cook.
  • Duing November, I also went back to Thorpe Park to enjoy Fright Nights, which was great fun!
  • In December, I then travelled back up to Scotland again to spend time with my family.

Now we are at the end of the decade and come to the start of a new decade, as always I will post as often as I can with updates on what I do and where I go, so do kekep an eye out for this on my blog and on YouTube.

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