Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

So, 7 days to the day when Thomas Cook had collapsed leaving over 9,000 of my collegeues with no job today for myself took a change.

This morning I had an interview at 10am which lasted about an hour and then about an hour later when I got home they phoned me back inviting me to come back into the office for a second interview with their operations director!

Little did I expect when I went back for the 2nd interview they would then offer me the job there and then, not only that they were able to allow me to start the job the following day.

With this, I will start my new role on the 1st October working for a local IT & Telephony company as a provisioning admin and hopefully see where that will then take me.

While I am happy very happy that I have managed to get a job and start so quickly, pleasse please do spare a thought for the 9,000+ TC Staff who many are also friends of mine who are trying to find a job.  I will continue to support them in any way I can even if its someone for them to talk to. 

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