Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Well as of Thursday I have officially moved into my new home!

It’s been a busy few days with the move as yesterday had a number of deliveries arrive for me including my nice shiney (better sized) desk!

I decided to get a desk from Halberd due to the quality they come in along with that I must admit they look awesome!

It took under an hour to build by myself and this is the end result.

At the moment there is a few bits I am waiting on being delivered next week which are a 3 monitor stand and a desk socket which includes USB which will come in handy for my work laptop.

I will post pictures of the end result when it’s all complete but I’m sure it will look amazing.

I have done alot of other bits of shopping mainly food, house supplies and the boring stuff like microwave and coffee machine.

As the internet isn’t the best I haven’t made any videos yet but will be sure to give a full new home tour soon (after I get rid.of alot of box’s)

Anyway I’ nicely settled in and so far enjoying the new chapter in my life and hope it will continue.

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