Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, we are now getting even closer to Summer, it seems strange to think that we are already in May!

As for April, it hasn’t been that bad of a month for me, as restrictions have started to ease in the UK .

On the 13th of April, I managed to get my second COVID Vaccination which I am very happy about!

It seems odd that in May, I will be 2 months into starting my New Job!  I am still very much enjoying the new job and starting to get used to where everything is in the hospital now.

On Tuesday 20th April, I had my first trip of the year back to Thorpe Park, you can read more about this over on my dedicated website, ThemeParkRM.

As for now, I don’t actually have anything else to update you on so far, as April pretty much consisted of working!

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