Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Well, August has already come and gone now and feels like it was rather fast!

Sadly for the month of August, I dont actualy have much to update you on as it all consisted of work and then resting from work.

As you will know, I had planned a trip to Orlando for September this year.  However, as you will understand this will no longer be happening and infact, the refund for it is now on its way to me.

I took the decision that after moving the holiday to Orlando twice already, I will now abandon the trip to Orlando (maybe in a few years I might end up going back, who knows!).  So much like last year, I will be having a staycation visiting some theme parks and going back to Alton Towers aswell! Along with this, I will also be going to see Josepth and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in London on it’s final day! 

As I am also an Interim Unit Manager with St John Ambulance, I am also putting plans for our unit’s return to face-to-face training, something which I have never actually been able to attend due to joining SJA during lockdown and very much looking foward for.

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