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Center Parcs Whinfell Forest - Lakeside Apartments






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Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

While staying at Center Parcs, we stayed in 36 Lakeside Apartments which was a 1 bedroom.

The Apartment it’s self was of great size and also in great condition I could not fault it at all (even with one afternoon someone decided in the Apartment Block they would make themselves some toast and they must like it black as it set the fire alarm off! no this was not us!!)

The view we had from the apartment had a great view looking onto the ‘duck pond area’ with all the trees and you could also see part of the village center.

The only down point I would say from the Apartments was the fence outside our apartment was looking a bit ‘green’ and could do with some TLC / fresh coat of paint.

Also just to point out, you cant have a BBQ at the apartments

There has not been a massive amount of changes to the Village Center apart from some new shops, no longer a cinema and a few changes to the resturants.

We ate twice in Huck’s American Remonstrant (this used to be called something else which I can not remember but was another American type dinner), the food choice was great with good pricing the only downside I found was their Strawberry Daiquiris, for the price you pay the glass is far far to small from what you would get else where. However, I highly recommend you try one of the Jam Jar Drinks they are GREAT!

We did also eat once in Dexters for dinner however, I was very disappointed in this for 1 they ran out of chicken!!!! and also the chips were not very edible they tasted like they had been sat in the fryer all day long far to hard…

A restaurant still here at Whinfell Forest since the few times I visited a few years ago is the Italian this has not changed much at all and the menu is still as great as it always had been (thank you very much Center Parcs for NOT touching this one otherwise would of been very disapointed!!!)

Another time, we took a visit to the Pancake House for lunch, this is so great and a wonderfull choice.

This is still as good as it always has been not changed at all apart from the Family Cabanas there, the outdoor rapid is faster than I remember but still great.

I love just being able to sit outside in the outdoor swimming pool and being able to relax sure is also great that it is heated so even if it is raining you can enjoy it!

While I was staying at Whinfell, we went to see the Music Legends Show as well as Jack and the Beanstalk

Both shows were very god and I loved the music they had in their Music Legends Show, however I was a bit disappointed in the entertainment options in the past you would get a choice of 2/3 adult shows and a childs show however now it feels like they are just saving money just having 1 adult show and 1 child show.


Another great part of Center Parcs is the amount of wildlife you will come across on your holiday!

If you are very very lucky (unlike us!) you mite find yourself a hedgehog, gray and red squirrels badgers and so much more so always keep an eye out where ever you are you mite just never know what you will see (be sure as well to keep a camera with you as normally if you see it once you wont see again!


For the holiday overall here at Whinfell Forest I still loved my trip (and yes I will be sure to come back again, maybe this time in a Lodge to be able to have the BBQ’s!)

I would also recommend that while you are at Whinfell Forest you should hire a bike, this is the easiest way to get around the park by far (however, I would advise you all to pre-book your bike as they do get booked up and can sell out from hire!)

Room Tip: apartments very close to the village center however no bbqs
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