Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

So recently I posted about changes are coming up and I can now share more information about this today!

Over the past year at work I have been working on a CRM project bringing a new system and helping shape the system to meet the business requirements.

A few weeks ago an opportunity came up to work on this as a bigger role.

With this I received confirmation that I was successful in the interviews and will be starting on October as a Strategic Product Owner based near London.

It’s very exciting for my self and will bring challenges living on my own, away from family and friends I have worked with for the past 11 years but feel the time is right at the age of 32.

It has been a big supprise to get this opportunity which I feel that I’m ready foe now more than ever.

To begin with I won’t give much updates bit will give more details as I make the move.

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