Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

As all Farming Simulator people like myself will know, just recently the 2019 version has been released of which has brought improvements to previous version’s we have had and still continuing to be a very enjoyable experience for everyone at the same time.

Now I must admit, at first I was not going to purchase FS 2019 however, I decided that since people I normally play farm sim with had pre-purchased it I should join in on the fun and for the few time’s I have been playing it now since it was released (at the time of writing this post, 12 hours worth) I must admit the experience has been mostly enjoyable.

There is still some issues with multiplayer which for no reason the game seems’s to ‘freeze’ for players kicking you out of the multiplayer session and in fact making it difficult to re-join the game you were on  with the game advising there were connection issues, even though other’s are still on the farm without any issues and your internet also working without any issues.

Apart from this, the new features on the game with the new machinery and the biggest improvement being able to place the farm & animals where you want not where the map designer wishes them to be placed is so much better giving you a lot more control.

With multiplayer another brilliant feature, I feel is that you can have more than one ‘farm’ within your farm.  This means that for people who join the farm they can only join certain farm’s unless they have a password for protected farms which will allow you to give people on the ‘better’ farms the best of the best vehicles while leaving them with the ‘not so good’ vehicles.

Another thing you need to watch is vehicle maintenance as this now impacts your gameplay.

For me the improved graphics is the best yet the game just looks wonderful now and is headed in the right direction.

Now for the downside of the game, it is something which after each release always is a great disappointment is the synchronisation of multiplayer, with so many games out there where if you join a multiplayer game you don’t experience a ‘pause’  while the game sync’s a new player (imagine how annoying that would be for everyone playing GTA!) however, I must admit the synchronisation is not as bad as previous years, its just still a shame it is there.

I don’t have much more I can say about the game apart from how much I am enjoying the game and can at the same time highly recommend the game to anyone.


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