Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Well, that’s another month already ended and what has also been another month of lockdown for us here in the UK.

For me, it has been very difficult since I have spent the full month unemployed and on the search for a new job having received a few knockbacks from my applications.

For some of the days, I have continued my volunteering at vaccination centres to give the much-needed help to the NHS something I will continue to remember for the rest of my life and be very proud that I played an important part in history.

With us now in March, normally I would start planning to go to Theme Parks as they would open up at the end of the month but as announced recently, this wont be likely to happen until 12th April or later.

It is also hopeful now that over the next few months we will see the lockdown be eased if everything works out as it is planned to.

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