Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Well, we are already half way thorugh February where has time gone?

I haven’t posted any new videos or updates as to be honest, there isn’t anything intresting which I have been up to so there isn’t anything that much worth talking about I’m affraid.

It has very much been work and rest at the moment, as the countdown continues to the ‘open season’ for theme parks which is very very quickly coming around the corner!

As of the end of March, it will be back to normall with trips back to Thorpe Park and who knows maybe other places as well?  I do also plan to go to Chessington World of Adventures again as I only went once last year, but then again, I do find Thorpe Park to be much more exciting.

Don’t forget that I do have Orlando coming up as well come May so I will be sure to have plenty of updates during my time away along with plenty of content which I am rather excited about to say the least!

Also during 2020, I am planning to take a trip over to Alton Towers, not sure yet when this will be but I will be sure to go over there, along with that I am sure I will have another trip or two to enjoy London’s attractions as I had done last year.

As a sideline I have also been working on a new NAS System to keep my data, photos and pictures backed-up but not only that, the NAS System is also acting as a ‘Media Server’ using Plex where I am storing movies and music and I am then able to access them on my devices without the need to play DVD’s, so far it actually has been working very well.  This is something I may well do a video on soon so watch this space! 

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