Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Fitbit Versa




Ease of Use


Value for Money







  • Style
  • Can be used when swimming
  • Features


  • App can be unreliable

So previously I owned the Fitbit Charge 2 but decided earlier this year I would upgrade to the new Fitbit Versa.

The biggest part of ‘upgrading’ to the Versa was something I could wear all round including when I go swimming something which was not possible with the Charge 2.

I have been using the Versa for a couple of months now and must say have been enjoying it very much I can go as far as to say I actually find it much more comfy to wear when I sleep than I found the Charge 2.

More recently I have used the Versa while I have been cycling and have found it to be very accurate in capturing the cycle including connecting to the phone to use GPS to record the full route I used when cycling!

At the moment I haven’t had the chance to wear it while swimming but I’m sure that I will soon.

The watch has a good sized screen allowing you to also read your text messages you receive and have a better display of anyone who is calling you.

You can also customize the clock screen with a number of options or even using your favourite picture int he background of the clock!

You can easily change the strap on the Versa with one of a few offered by Fitbit or third parties.

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