Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Garmin Edge 820




Ease of Use


Value for Money







  • Size and Weight
  • Ease of General Use
  • Visability when cycling


  • Price
  • Sync with Mobile Phone

So recently I have taken up cycling and decided with this I would get myself a handy GPS system which will also allow me to track my cycling activities to help with the improving my overall health and in the future the ‘speed and effort’ I cycle at.

I did have a look around, after all, I do already own a Fitbit Versa which can also track my cycling but decided I should get something with GPS built in which also allows me to not have the need to use my phone if I wanted to use map functions.

The Garmin Edge 820 is a very small size so its perfect to place in your pocket if you stop for a bite to eat while on your cycle.

I find the tracking function to be very good and it also easily connects up to 3rd party websites such as Strava where you can keep a full log of your rides and at the same time make use of their functions which will allow you to see over time how you are progressing.

The Garmin was easy to set up it’s self however, a massive but is that I had major issues syncing it with my mobile phone in fact I couldn’t find a way to get it to sync at all and the only way to do it was to download the Garmin software onto my computer, plug the Edge 820 into the computer which then sycn’d it with my account and after that I had no issues at all with it talking to my mobile phone so very strange bug I would say.

It had handy buttons so you can easily start / pause / finish your rides with minimal effort which is very handy.

The sensitivity at first I found to be a bit unreliable but I managed to change the settings on it which then since then I had no issues at all.

I haven’t yet used the built-in map / route function as I have known where I am going so can’t currently give any comment on that.

However, I have found it very good connecting and uploading your ride information since I have it connected to my Wifi so when I turn it on where I have Wifi signal it quickly uploads the data and at the same time will add the data onto Strava for me so I don’t have to worry about that.

When cycling and not looking at the map it has a great view of the speed you are doing, the time you have been cycling along with the distance you have completed.

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