Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

So as you read in my last post I was heading to #i58 to enjoy my first gaming exhibition as I start to plan regular twitch streams and YouTube content now that I have Michael better Internet at home.

I must say that it was such brilliant fun and a great weekend away with plenty of laughter and some drink at the same time.

Bring able to meet Squirrel in person along with Steven Kiberton was also such a high highlight they really are brilliant people and would now class them as friends along with the others I got to meet during the weekend.

With it being such a brilliant time away has given me the corruage to get into streaming on Twitch and Let’s Play videos on YouTube I know it’s difficult to be a online streamer foe gaming but I think putting my mind into it will work.

As part of this I have also now started a rebrand with a logo to go with it so watch this space!

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