Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

So, it was that time of year again where as with every August Bank Holiday, Insomnia Gaming Festival was on at the Birmingham NEC.

For this year, it is very difficult for me if I’m honest with you to point out a highlight from Insoomnia65 and it was actually a disapointment!

Yes, you did read correct, I (and not only me, the rest of the group I was with) were very disapointed it was alot smaller than previous years infact we had a walk around in 30 minutes seen what there was and were not really intrested in what was going on, so much so we had actually left at 12pm.

The price was around the same as previous years but with much less to see and not only that there was not as many of the ‘big name’ suppliers there and in some ways, it makes me think are they starting to lose out to the bigger event which was on at the same time ‘Games Com 2019’

We didnt even go back in after we left, infact 5 of us rather went to ‘The Bear Grylls Adventure’ instead to do the high ropes and we actually had alot more fun doing that than we did inside Insomnia.

Don’t get me wrong must of us actually go to Insomnia for the social aspect but previous years it was very nice to be able to walk around and see everything which there was to see and we just felt let down.

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