Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Welcome to another update on another month which has passed already, where has time gone!

To be honest, I don’t actually have a huge amount to update you on for the month of July, it has consisted much of the same as pervious months, work work and work!

During July I did manage to take 2 trips to help out as part of my role with St John Ambulance at a vaccination centre which was nice and is always a great experience thats for sure!

I also took a trip to Thorpe Park again, something I always try to do at least once a month during the week day just to be able to spend some ‘me’ time to be able to enjoy myself and of course unwind from ‘normality’ and its also as normal nice just to get away somewhere isn’t it!  I also was lucky enough to pick a day to go when the weather was very nice but slightly cooler than it was the day before (although, the train journey took an extra hour to get there, due to a line fault which wasn’t so fun!)

Of course, on the 19th July we seen restrictions ease alot more here in England so it was strange being back to enjoying rollercoasters without a mask on and in someways it was very nice with the heat we were having!  Although, I still as much as possible wear a mask when I go into shops and on public transport.

In other news as well, during July, I was given the position as a ‘Emergency Department Porter’ which basically means, my main porter role now is within the Emergency Department of the hospital rather than on a ‘relief’ porter.  This also means that I’m on a ‘set’ rota so now can plan much further in advance rather than waiting until a Tuesday to see what my following work week rota is going to be.  I do very much enjoy being part of the ED Team and get on well with all the staff as well, as busy as it is I enjoy it!

Looking ahead for August, I don’t actually have anything else planned apart from work.  I should also be going on holiday in September for my big Orlando holiday which I have talked about in the past, but with just over a month to go before that is due to take place it looks 100% possible that it won’t go ahead, so I am already making plans for an alternative! 

Thanks for reading, please do remember to stay safe. 

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