Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So it’s been a while I know.

What can I say since the last update which was in May about my trip back to Egypt?

Well, to be honest, there isn’t that much I can share at the moment, I have been working away hard on 2 / 3 projects at the moment of which 1 I have been working on over the past year now.

That 1 project which I have been involved in has a chance it could change my current life but for now, I’m not going into it as a topic as still have an interview to go through at the moment and then would depend if I will get the job!

I was planning to do more on Twitch & YouTube, however, since June as my work has been very busy I have been taking advantage of overtime being on offer which means I can save up for extra money £££ which will be needed if my future changes in August (don’t worry it will be in a very positive way!)

Talking of August, we’re now under 30 days until its time for Insomnia 63 and I will be there Friday – Sunday and will be spending the Saturday within Insomnia it’s self and hopefully maybe have something to celebrate!  Who knows!

Well that’s all I have planned at the moment, which feels kind of strange to me in may way’s as normally I would have another holiday booked as ‘normal’ for November time but at this moment in time, as the remainder of this year is still ‘in the plans’ and dependent on what will happen in a 2nd interview stage I will be going through the only plan’s I’m currently making is if I will need to move ‘down south’

It has a scary thought in a way, the first time I will live on my own and be responsible for my own place of living never mind doing my own shopping.

For now, that’s all but who knows you may hear from me a lot more very soon!

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