Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

I know its been a while since my last video here and I’m sorry for this despite what I have been wanting to work on more regular content non-gaming on this channel I just have not been doing this.

I have however, been doing much more regular videos on my gaming channel on YouTube at www.youtube.com/scottishrm and this is where most of my time has been going to build the channel and to provide content at least twice a week and currently three times a week!

Now another thing I have been planning to do and I talked about this in my past video’s uploaded on here is working on building my Twitch Streams, this has been going well and it has also been nice to see the interaction I have had within twitch streams.  This has been making me want to do this allot more and I have had one or two issues with my computer which means that it has been unstable when I have wanted to stream but I am hoping to now have this issue resolved all being well that is!

Now back in the New Year,  I talked about wanting to do Scuba Diving allot more this year and now I am 6 months into the year and haven’t even done this, of which to be honest I have greatly disappointed myself in HOWEVER at the time you are watching this I am heading out to Hurghada in Egypt for my first visit ever and it’s going to be so nice to go back to Egypt after my last visit being to Sharm el Sheikh back in 2015.

Much like my last visit to Sharm el Sheikh in 2015, I am going to be doing allot of Scuba Diving during my stay and this is going to involve just doing fun dives along with that I will also be completing the PADI Rescue Diver Course while I am there, this is something that I should have now completed but due to a number of reasons I was unable to complete this last year.

With doing the Rescue Diver course and getting my love back for Scuba Diving this will mean that I will then put my focus into completing my PADI Dive Master Course and who knows, maybe in the future I will work towards the PADI Assistant Instructor Course which is my long term goal to complete within the next 5 years but hopefully earlier.

Now while I’m heading away to enjoy some time under the sea in nice warm waters I will also be planning to do some recording during my holiday of which will include a video tour of the hotel I am staying at along with that I’m planning to use my GoPro under the water to hopefully get some awesome sights of my scuba adventures.

I am also going to do some videos as soon as I can on some of the scuba equipment I own and use as well to let you see my thoughts on it.

Thank you for staying subscribed and if you enjoy gaming, make sure you check out my second channel at www.youtube.com/scottishrm


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