Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Well, June has now come and gone already!

Time seems to have gone by so fast thats for sure and I can’t believe that we are in July already!

During June, I managed to have a week off work and during that week, I was actually kept very busy!

I attended a Event Manager Foundation course for St John Ambulance which will allow me to take the lead at smaller events where we are providing first aid!

I also took a trip into London to enjoy the lovely weather we were having at the time.

A few days after the course, I then took a 2 night trip back to Alton Towers where I had some great fun on the many rides and it was actually nice to be able just to go away and take a break.

Apart from that, not much elese exciting had been going on to be honest, it was just all work for the rest of the month.

As we come to the middle of the year already, I’m still hopeful that my trip to Orlando in September is going to happen, but at the moment it still looks likely that it wont, so for now I am trying to remain as hopefull as possible.

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