Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Firstly, last week was a celebration of all volunteers and as one, its nice to see a week dedicated to us!

Well, its now been 11 weeks, seems very strange and in some ways, a getting used to the current ‘normal’.

Now of course here in the UK things are starting to change in a good way with non-essental shops able to re-open from next week and seeing how they are starting to plan this.

Of course in bigger ways, attractions are starting to plan how they will be able to re-open from the 4th July of course, this would depend on the UK Government allowing this to happen, but it is very promising sign that things will slowly get back to a new way but of course, not fully as we used to have it.

In the past few days, over in Orlando the bigger attractions have started to re-open for guests i.e. Universal which has been very interesting to see how they are doing this and in some ways, we may see similar ways in the UK from July.

It is also becoming even more ‘hopeful’ that I will get away on holiday in September all being well!

For me over the past week, I haven’t been doing much apart from working and on Saturday I also had my interview to be an Operational First Aider at Events, yes, things are starting to be planned for a slow reopening of events in the UK.  I will share more news on how the interview went soon so watch out on my blog for more news on this.

Anyway, for now that’s all from me as not much else I can update you on just now, apart from being able to resit the temptation of a McDonalds unlike many many people! 


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