Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Now, we are in week 12 already of the UK ‘Lockdown’ with things slowly starting to ease which is good progress.

In the past week, the UK seen a mandatory 14 day ‘quarantine’ if you travel into the UK of which, means that many airlines feel this is going to do more harm than good to their industries of which is something I do agree with and it is a great shame to see airlines struggle so much and in many ways, I’m surprised that we haven’t seen any more collapses of airlines.

Many are now planning to fly from July, now of course this will be dependent on many things including the UK allowing us to travel overseas, the quarantine period not being in place and countries allowing the UK to travel to them, of which many countries are starting to re-open their boarders which is great progress.

For me, I am still planning to travel to Orlando come September however, this is depending on being able to do this.  I was originally booked to fly from Gatwick with Virgin and currently waiting to see what flight I will be moved onto something I should know soon fingers crossed.

Shops are also now at the stage of reopening today (15th June) which is also a sign of great progress being made.

Now, for the past week not much has changed for myself, still working away hard, been out for a cycle along with this I had my first ‘Unit’ meeting with SJA (St John Ambulance), virtually of course.

I have also had my ‘provisional’ offer of being a OFA (Operational First Aider) this will be dependent on my disclosure check being completed, something I will have no problem with.  It is also planned that I will get my training in July, so watch this space as I update you on the progress of the training when it happens.

After the training has been completed, I will then be able to be a first aider at events and anywhere else where SJA needs the help and of course, any events are not expected to take place until next year now.

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