Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Well, it has now been another week already time seems to be going by past so fast!

Over the past week, here in England non-essential shop’s have re-opened which is great news and on Friday, the ‘Alert Level’ was downgraded to a 3 meaning that further easing of restrictions will be possible, however, still saying cautions to ensure we avoid a second peak.

It will be interesting to see what the coming weeks will bring us and what changes will take place that’s for sure.

I also went for a walk in the city centre shops on Saturday and its nice to see that they are slowly starting to re-open a great sign!

It’s now getting closer to the planned dates for my Operational First Aid training with St John Ambulance which I’m very much looking forward to doing.

I haven’t done much at all over the past week apart from work and rest, very boring life at the moment I’m afraid after all, there isn’t much more that I can do just now.

We are getting closer to the 4th July, the earliest date where further restrictions would ease meaning that places like Thorpe Park (yupee) would be allowed to re-open and I hope that with the progress that has been made this week it is going to be a good sign that this is going to be something that will happen.

Anyway that’s all from me, I’m now working on the ‘mid year’ video update so watch this space as it is coming very soon!

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