Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Well, now things are starting to get back to normality or at least, a new kind of normal I have decided that this will be the last weekly update I will be posting.

Not much as normal has happened over the past week so I don’t have anything to update you on I’m afraid.

This coming week on the 4th and 5th July, I will be starting my First Aid training with St John Ambulance and with this, I will provide updates on how the training is going and what I have been doing during the course of that days training.

Of course, this weekend is also exciting in other ways as more restrictions are starting to be lifted in the UK meaning Theme Parks are going to re-open (woohoo!) I will likely go back to Thorpe Park at the end of July or in August, so also watch this space as I will provide updates on that and how I have found the experience.

By the end of the week as well I will be uploading my mid-year video so keep an eye out for that as well.

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