Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, it’s now been over a month as Week 5 of the ‘lockdown’ in the UK has passed.

With this post, it should be a time when I would have been getting excited as it would be my last full week of work before my holiday.

Of course, during this week seen the ‘official’ confirmation that my holiday wasn’t going ahead, of which as discussed in previous weekly updates, is something which I was fully expecting to happen anyway and in fact was already planing for.

As it stands, my time off work has been moved to September, if I don’t manage to go overseas on holiday in September, I will still plan to use the time off anyway and then plan for a holiday next year.

With things being so uncertain still, of which I continue to fully understand its difficult to even say what I am planning to do this year, everything is up in the air and its now a waiting game, until we know what will happen.

Now, of course, I don’t expect any sudden lift of the lockdown, I am fully expecting for it to be a ‘phased’ approach where some things will start again but it won’t be the same way of life.

The weather sure has been very nice over the past week which makes it, even more, harder with the lockdown, knowing you just can’t go out and enjoy theme parks etc.  After all, it has been brilliant weather to do it and I sure would have been at Thorpe Park making the most of the weather.

Anyway, there isn’t much more to update you on, so, for now, that’s all from me.

I am hoping to get a bike again at some point of which I wish I got before now, as its now impossible to get one, so I will keep trying as need to get more exercise.

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