Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, we have now had week 6 of the lockdown in the UK.

For me, I don’t have much more to report other than still working away and then at the weekend doing nothing!

It still seems so strange not being able to go far, after all when you look back at 2019 and the amount of times at the weekend I would go out (Thorpe Park mostly!), of which hasn’t at all been possible.

Now of course, the week of this post being live, was also supposed to be the exciting week of me going to Orlando, but as we know this hasn’t been possible due to the situation which will make it even harder over the next two week’s knowing that I should have been away.

I have been able to over the past week move my holiday to travel later this year, so I now have a new countdown and something to focus on, even if at this moment in time it’s very uncertain if I will be able to go.  But it’s something to focus on during this difficult time in the hope, the small hope that it will actually happen. Virgin Holidays were great at helping move the holiday and even better, it was moved at no extra cost.

After doing some shopping around, I have now managed to get a new bike.  I used to have one back in 2018 until it was stolen and was thinking of getting another but regret leaving it so long.

It has been a bit difficult finding one for sale, due to the lockdown they seem to be sellig fast, which isnt much of a supprise.  I was able to get one ordered on Thursday and it’s due to be delivered today which is great, as when buying they advertised a 7-10 working days period for delivery and I got the notification on Friday that it would arrive Monday!

It comes at a good time with Friday being a bank holiday and with the lockdown there isnt much else to do and it will get me out for exercise.

During the week, I wong have much chance to go out since I am lucky enough to still be working but ag the weekend I will make the most of it.  Depending on weather I will cycle to work even though it’s not far away.

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