Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

So, time is going by fast and over the past week, I should have been enjoying myself having a lot of fun in Orlando, but rather I’m here ‘stuck’ in England.

Since the last update, some restrictions in the UK were slightly eased and it sure has been noticeable with more traffic about!

Now, you will have seen from my blog, I got my new bike on Tuesday after waiting a short time and already I have enjoyed a few cycles with some nice sights.

I last had a bike in 2018 before it was stolen, so this time I have made sure the bike is fully insured and registered online with a ‘bike register’ along with some special markings so if it was found by police it can be traced back easily to me.

I must admit it has been rather nice to get out to cycle and luckily this week has been rather nice weather so I have also been able to make the most of it.

I am building up the amount I go out cycling and plan to go out after work for a cycle most days along with some days of taking  ‘rest’ from cycling to I also ensure that I don’t wear myself out too much.

It also will help me get a bit more active as well in my spare time rather than just coming home from work, sitting on my chair and back on the computer again.

The coming weeks seem to be interesting in the UK as to what could happen and at the same time, very hopeful some positive steps can be taken but of course, it still remains very much on everyone gong by the rules that are in place.

You will also remember from my last post about volunteering with St John Ambulance, my uniform also arrived so now I’m ready and waiting and hopefully will provide you with updates with the progress of the volunteering in the future.

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