Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So we are now into Week 9 of the lockdown.

This week I haven’t done much apart from work with the hot weather it has been I have not felt like going out for a cycle after work.

I also got my ID through for my volunteering with St John Ambulance and today (at the time of this post going live) is my first day’s volunteering with them!

It’s rather interesting the situation is developing as Merlin have recently announced plans to re-open of course, this is dependent on the UK Government allowing this to happen but it seems like a positive step, after all, they have already faced 2 months of closure which has a significant impact.

Now looking at the USA, in particular Orlando, Universal has announced they will be opening their parks from June which is a very good sign.

The UK is going to be imposing a 14 day quarantine for inbound travellers which hopefully need to be in place for a long time, after all this will impact people going on holiday, or example, if you wanted to go on a  14 days holiday, you would need another 14 days off work which wouldn’t be good!

For my holiday later this year, it has been impacted by Virgin no longer flying from Gatwick so I am now waiting to see what happens with my flight as they have advised it will be moved to Heathrow or Manchester with a possible connection. 

All I can do at the moment is wait and see how this progresses, I would love to get away this year and just hope very much that I don’t have to delay the holiday until next year.


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