Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

On the 22nd June (2019) I took a trip to London for the day, making further use of my Merlin Annual Pass to be able to visit 3 attractions since it was a nice warm day so wanted to get out for the day to just be able to enjoy myself.

With the Merlin Annual Pass (premium) I was able to pre-book a slot to go onto the attractions for just £1 and all I had to do was turn up, a brilliant idea and even better as with my pass for the London Eye, I get Fasttrack Entry so I have very little time in the queues which means I can make even more use of my day.

For this visit, I went onto the London Eye to start with to see some amazing views of London and then to pass time I went into the Sealife Centre to see the great collection they have.

After this, I was feeling very brave and went into the London Dungeons of which was the first time for me since it moved to its new home (it moved in 2013) as it was a very very long time since I was there (I was a child!)

Below is a selection of pictures from the attractions of which was possible by making use of the additional Annual DigiPass of which most Merlin Attractions I am able to get digital phones for no extra cost (apart from the cost for the pass, but if you are like me you can soon make the money back!)

Sadly, I didn’t do a vlog of the trip, mostly because of how super busy London is making it very difficult to be able to do.


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