Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Well, what can I say? It’s April already!

March was a good month for me, after starting my new job on the 11th March.

I am now working as a Hospital Porter something which I am rather enjoying, the job is not just about moving patients around the hospital but also includes moving waste along with clean linen and more!

I still have plenty to learn along with that, get used to where everything is in the hospital something which I am starting to get used to.

As the lockdown slowly starts to ease, I look forward to the Theme Park’s re-opening in April something which I will be sure to do as soon as I can, after all, I love Thorpe Park very very much!

Along with this in April, I will soon be getting my second COVID Vaccination a further step to ‘normality’ and I remain ever hopeful that my holiday booked in September will also still go ahead.

At the moment, I don’t actually have any further updates to give but hopefully soon I will have further updates so make sure you watch this space!

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