Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Where has time gone?  It sure dose not seem that long ago when I posted my typical ‘New Year‘ post

There isn’t much to update you on at the moment to be honest, apart from the start of the Dive Master journey.

I have been at the pool as part of the dive master course a few times now where I have completed 2 of the dive master skills – Equipment assembly & Deep-water entry.

I still have a long way to go before I become Dive Master but I cant think of a better place to do it than with Scuba Diving Scotland.

Currently I’m planning for my holiday back to the Steigenberger Aqua Magic where I will be going for two weeks in May.

During my holiday this time for a change it’s going to be more of a relaxing holiday although while I’m away I will be going out diving for part of it as well which will be key to keeping my Scuba Diving skills up to date along with this as they say practice makes perfect.

I currently don’t have that much else planned for 2018 but I will be attending Insomnia 63 in August and will then be looking at what I will do for my holiday time in November.

Work wise, it has actually been very busy for me so far this year where I’m working on two major projects for the department I work in and part of this has included 1 trip to Peterborough with more to come in the up coming month’s which was during the ‘Beat from the East’ and I ended up spending an extra 3 nights in Peterborough until the train lines re-opened.

Now looking at YouTube I haven’t done any new videos yet and to be honest part of this has been the changes that they have in regards to the way we make money videos which means I no longer make anything for the video’s I post.

Don’t get me wrong I will continue to post video’s and build my Gaming and Non-Gaming channels but these day’s its less of a priority although this is something I will change so watch this space.

I even have 2 video’s which I will upload and make ‘live’ which have been recorded for a while now and I just haven’t got around to uploading (oops!)

Anyway that’s all from me for now and will update this as and when I can along with keep you updated on my Dive Master progress.

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