Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

So at the moment, I dont really have that much to post to give updates on for the month of March.

As you may have read, I was planning to go to Thorpe Park for the start of their 2020 season and should have been there yesterday (22nd March) but du e to the COVID-19 situation, they have taken the correct decision by closing along with most other tourist attractions in the UK.

Now of course, if they had decided to remain open, with this going on, I would still have decided not to go as the risk isn’t worth it.

I have been to visit the shops and they are so much more quieter at the moment including McDonalds, with most people doing the ‘right’ thing by staying at home.

For now, due to the work I do, I’m still going into my workplace office each day until I’m told otherwise and also, I will also have completed by 6 months probation peroiod soon as well.

As you will know, I have a holiday booked for May to Orlando as things stand, the holiday is still booked and planned for the original dates, however depending on what happens over the next few weeks it will be very likely that this will be moved to later in the year, of which will likely be around October time.

For the time being, when I’m not at work I’m staying in my flat and only going when it is needed to get shopping.

I hope you all stay safe and well.

I will try to provide updates as much as possible however as has been at the moment these will be every so often while there isn’t much content to post.

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