Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

So with the move and having much more space in my flat, I decided that I would ‘treat’ myself to a nice new desk of a more suitable size as the previous one I owned was very small with not much space at all.

I had a look at the website of https://www.halberd.com/ after seeing them in the past at Insomnia and being impressed with the quality of the desk’s they sell and I must admit I have not been disappointed!

I went for a 140cm desk which was in their end of line sale and went for an all white desk, of which just looks awesome!

I also added a handy USB / Plug socket for the desk which makes it much easier to plug my work laptop into when working from home and in addition, the 2 USB sockets come in handy when charging stuff like my mobile phone and tablet without taking up a plug socket!

The desk it took myself me an hour to build by myself and wasn’t difficult at all to build although I would advise having the help from someone else to make it even easier and maybe quicker.

I also got a 3 monitor mount for the desk and this was the only thing I had an issue with from my order however I must stress this was in no way at fault of Halberd, in fact Matt done everything he could to ensure it got to myself as quickly as possible however there were issues with the supplier they have firstly shipping it without anyone being told so I wasn’t at home to take the delivery, the courier they used didn’t leave any note to say they attempted delivery, it was sent back to the supplier of Halberd and again no communication.

It wasn’t until I went back to Halberd as on the week they and myself were expecting the delivery to find out this happened so it was arranged for the delivery to be made on a weekday of which due to the supplier again it didn’t get sent.

A big thank you however to Matt at Halberd for going back to the supplier and managed to finally get it delivered without any issues just as I was on the verge of getting it from elsewhere.  I must admit I was happy with the wait as the end result is just awesome!

I added a small touch of my Philips Hue lightstrip to add some great colour and as an end result, I could not be any happier.

I have some minor tidy ups to do with the cabling but with the result, I have I’m sure you will agree it looks great

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