Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

As part of heading away on my annual holiday, this year from Manchester I took the opertunity to travel to the airport from Edinburgh which with a few stops takes you to the airport.

It’s such a easy journey to make as your on the one train, no having to get off with your luggage and then have to get another train.

The service you receive on board is friendly and service with a smile with makes it more enjoyable.

For the journey I had booked in advanced due to this as the price was affordable I booked into the 1st Class Seats.

Now the downside of the 1st Class compared to Virgin Trains to London you don’t get hot good however you do get a choice of water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate along with a small selection of snacks

The great thing about getting the TPEXPRESS from Edinburgh to Manchester is that you get to the airport in under 4 hours time!

As I post this I was still sat on the train being able to relax and chill out and would recommend it as a way to travel to Manchester of you don’t want to drive.

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