Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Nagivraph is a very handy software which allows you to keep your FMS Data of your favourite aircraft such as PMDG up to date with the latest nav data.

For myself, I have been using the FMS Data along with the Charts subscription which I have found very useful and easy to use.

FMS Data Manager

The Data Manager is a very handy software you can download as part of your Navigraph subscription.

This allows you to set where you have stored your flight simulator software and will even automatically scan for supported aircraft & addons automatically.

With a simple press of a button, you can then have your nav data updated for your aircraft and/or addons.

Navigraph Charts

For all of you serious flight sim people, you can use the Navigraph Charts add-on which allows you to check for the relevant charts/maps for the airport’s your flight will be operating.

You can easily search by airport name/code within the search box

The software will then download the charts onto your computer and provide the list for you which includes the runways and parking stands!

With this, you no longer need to guess which stands are best for your massive A380 or even where you just need to park at the stand and where they are located.


Navigraph is very easy to use allowing you to keep your Nav Data up to date very easily and with minimal effort.

Navigraph Charts is very handy to help you in-flight with where you need to go and with the option for Andriod & iOS it makes even better!

You can find out more about Navigraph over at https://www.navigraph.com 

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