Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, it’s not the first time I have played on P3D with PMDG Aircraft, the Boeing 737-800 to the exact.

The PMDG Aircraft bring an excellent and realistic feel to Flight Sim, whether it be FSX or P3D, bringing you stunning detailed aircraft for you to fly along with that much more realism to Flight Sim with a much more complicated setup of aircraft and not a simple jump in the aircraft and fly after setting GPS.

You need to set up the in-flight computer with the route you want to take and much more, although you can get handy tools such as SimBreif which I will cover at a later date.

I have previously made a video on the setup of the PMDG Aircraft showing you how to set up the aircraft for departure from the ‘Cold & Dark’ Mode where you have to set up everything including startup of your engines manually.

Now of course, if you want you can take shortcuts (but where is the fun in that) and use the onboard flight computer to change between modes which if you are just starting out can make it easier but where is the fun in that?

Now, of course with the in-flight computer all setup correctly you could manually take off and just let the aircraft fly its self up to the point it’s coming into land, or even let it land its self which can be fun to see.

I do find the detail of the aircraft to be excellent and worth the money and it will be sure to take you to the next level of playing a flight simulator rather than using a stock aircraft, setting a GPS and flying and what’s better is┬áthat you get a wonderful looking aircraft at the same time both on the outside and inside!

You can view more details about PMDG Add-On for Flight Sim at

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