Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Aa I have recently talked about during my holiday here in Hurghada Egypt I have been working on the Rescue Diver Course

At the date if this post I have returned from Day 1 of the open water sessions and yesterday was the pool and classroom sessions.

For the open water sessions this has been taking place from a boat which I would say makes it more interesting at the same time it was also nice to get back out for two dives again since it has been so long some the last.

In the 1st open water session I  had to practice rescuing a tired diver which wasn’t too bad the next two well that’s another story!

Firstly was the panic diver, there is so much you have to think about and do to ensue your own safety, it took a few goes before I was good at it after being put under the water a few time simply because I didn’t think.

The next one was the unresponsive diver, now this one it took me a while to get used to it much I think to my instructors annoyance! For this one you have to remove both of your equipments along with providing rescue breathes at the same time heading back to the boat!

After I had managed to get used to this it was back on board the boat for a short rest and lunch after which we were at our second site.

For this one it was mostly under water where I helped a diver who was out of air, a diver who was panicking under water  and if that wasn’t enough I had to deal with a diver who then made an uncontrolled ascent and helped to sl9w him down and then “towed” him back to the boat which was good to do but at same time sure dose make you feel tired.

It was very good session and woth while at the same time you do always hope that you will never need to use the skills you have leaned.

I still have another open water session to complete tomorrow so will update you all then mf hopefully can let you know if I have passed!

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