Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

I had just returned back from another wonderful stay at the Concorde Deluxe Resort and have to admit it was another brilliant holiday even better than the last visit to be honest!

I found the food was even better than my last visit in November with a great choice each night and of that very very good food.

I stayed in room 3024 for my stay this time so again had some amazing views during my two week stay at the hotel.

The staff were all brilliant and very hard working and was very nice that some of them also remembered me from my previous visit.

Entertainment was excellent, Speedy, Shauni and Katya do a brilliant job and are lovely people and had some good memories thanks to them and of course the rest of the entertainment team but feel they went the extra mile while I was there and they deserve a big thank you from management!

During the day there was plenty of entertainment to do and I very much enjoyed playing darts, bocha, and mini golf every day however, there was other actives such as water polo, water gym, morning gym, step aerobics, football, volleyball and more on during the day so plenty to keep you all entertained.

During the evenings there was shows on each night mostly from external people which were all brilliant and good to watch.

I would highly recommend the hotel as it is lovely, the food is brilliant and the service you get from all the staff is also very very good.

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