Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

I know its been a long time since I have done any updates around my Scuba Diving so thought I would have an update with my Scuba Update 2015

This year, I have not done as much Scuba Diving as I had thought I would be doing manly due to work but I was lucky enough during May this year, when I went back to the Reef Oasis Beach Resort for a holiday to be able to do an amazing 20 fun dives over the two weeks!

It was an amazing experience being able to enjoy fun dives this time at the Reef Oasis compared to previous years where I was completing my Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses.

Of course, during this year my Scuba Adventures took a big change where I joined Aquatron in Glasgow as a Dive Master Intern where with this, I work in the shop and they pay me back with the courses to become a Dive Master which will include my Rescue Course.

The past few months have been great working with Aquatron in their shop, learning and talking to other divers and just gaining experience with this.

I also completed this year my EFR First Aid Course which was also great fun to do and the first course I had done with them.

For 2016 who knows what will happen but I am planning prior to May to complete the Rescue Diver prior go going on holiday back to the Reef Oasis and then hopefully this time next year you will have read that I have completed my Dive Master Course, all being well.

I will be sure to post regular updates on my Scuba Progress so please make sure you watch out for this as I will take you through my Dive Master journey and experience.

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