Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Well where has the year gone? It dose not feel like that long ago we were seeing in the New Year and to think thats now last and December is very fast aproaching.

When I look backnat what I have done and also managed to acheive over the past 8 months it sure seems alot and also no wonder time has also gone past so quickly.

To start off with back in April I took a trip to Shefield to suprise a good friend of mine for his birthday and he sure was supprised!

Following on from that in June I took my first trip to Hurghada for a two week holiday where I made the biggest acheivement of the year by completing the PADI Rescue Diver Course which was very difficult but at the same time was a fun course along with that I completed some fun dives and managed to log my 50th dive.

From there it was a busy time for me at work, yes I know the boring bit but at the same time I am also enjoying what I do very much with being involved in projects which will bring great benifits to the team I work in. At the end of August I also celebrated my 10 years with the company!

In August I took a trip to Birmingham for Insomia 61 where I got to meet up with great people seeing some friends froom last year, making new ones and all round just having a great time!

Now with going to i61, yes I am a do love playing games with providing regular content on my Gaming YouTube Channel I always try to have at leat 1 video a week released for people to enjoy .  In addition to this I also try to stream at least once a week over on

Now there is not so much more to say about this year so far with just 4 months left who knows how it will end.

I currently have my next holiday to Egypt this time to Marsa Alam to look forward to in November so for me thats all for now and will keep you updated when I have anything intresting to say

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