Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Recently, I completed further training with St John Ambulance completing the ‘Care Module’

Due to COVID-19, the course is required to be completed for anyone who wishes to be operational at events, so as I recently completed my SJA OFA Course I decided I may as well get the additional course completed.

As you will understand there haven’t been any events taking place which means that SJA has been doing other task’s to help out in the community which also includes supporting hospitals and care homes.

The course, covered the key responsibilities you may need to do which includes:

  • Assisting with food/drink – in training we practised with yoghurt and water! 
  • Taking additional observations which included:
    • Blood Pressure
    • Capillary blood glucose measurement
    • Pulse Oximetry

As you can imagine, with COVID-19 additional procedures have been needed to be put in place, which includes PPE, a reminder about personal hygiene and environmental cleaning.

We also had a focus around caring for people and forms of communication,

There was also a few other additional area’s which we learnt during training including Care Plans and NEWS2

We also had a small practice doing CPR without using mouth-to-mouth.  This is to ensure that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is reduced, so there is slight changes in CPR along with completing a primary assessment.

To end the training, we then covered ways to move people, which including from being laid on the floor to sitting on a chair; Standing up from a chair; moving to a wheelchair; along with using a carry sheet, handling belt, banana transfer board and a slide sheet.

The training was spread over 2 days and also included some e-learning prior to doing the face-to-face training.  The training was mostly theory with parts of practical included.

The main downside at the moment is that our unit’s are not meeting so really, we wont get much practice for the time being but hopefully in the future, when units are allowed to meet up this will be some key area’s we will be able to practice along with all of our other skills.

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