Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

So on Sunday 5th July, I had the 2nd day of 4 training for the OFA Course.

To start off with learning all about Capacity & Consent which as you could imagine due to regulations covered allot of information.

Following on from this, we covered details about Bites & Stings and some ways to deal with these.

We then went onto learning about Allergic Reactions & Auto-Injectors and we used some training versions of auto-injectors to learn how to use them correctly if it was ever required.

Before lunch, we went onto learning about Chest Pain, covering Angina and Heart Attack and how to deal with the situations should they occur.

After we had lunch, it was time for more practical training learning about Basic Life Support, being able to give resuscitation and using a AED , we were then given time to practice this after all this is something extremely important in First Aid.

Following on from this we then went onto learn about bleeding covering minor and severe bleeding along with this we covered foreign objects!

After this, we then went onto learning about plasters and bandages and how to correctly apply them and as you could imagine, we had some fun with bandage practice on each other in a safe way.

Before the end of the day we then had time to practice and also done some group exercises dealing with scenarios as the patient and the first aiders.

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