Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, on Sunday 19th July was the final day of my OFA Training with SJA, yes that day has arrived!

The morning started with Paediatrics along with First Aid for Children which covered the key differences i.e. when giving CPR or helping with chocking.

After this, to be honest there wasn’t much more to do and we were given time to have some scenarios as a group so we could talk through what we would do and just have the time to practice before the assessments in the afternoon.

We then after having the rest of the training for the morning along with practice it was lunchtime, so time to relax do some last-minute revision and be ready for the assessments!

We have 3 assessments taking place at the same time (in different rooms with different assessors and casualties).

You are given a small bit of information from your assessor (but not what’s wrong with the casualty, after all that’s for you to find out).

The casualty will act out the signs/symptoms for you to then work out what treatment is required and you are then expected to treat them.

Following this, always the casualty will become unconscious where you then give CPR  for 2 minutes without a AED/Defib, after this you will then have the AED/Defib available to you to use and you will then use this and give a further 2 minutes CPR.

After this, you are then giving a full ‘handover’ to the ‘paramedics’ who arrive to take over.  Of course, this is also part of your assessment to ensure that you take the correct steps (just because the paramedics have arrived, doesn’t mean you stop giving CPR).

Now, the first time I took the assessment, nerves got the better of me and I struggled (big time!) even after doing the CPR, I was able to talk through the correct treatment to give, so I did know, I just couldn’t put it into practice att he time. 

Sadly, even though I knew what to do, as I couldn’t ‘do it’ I failed the assessment.

Now, with the course, you can fail once and ‘refer’ your assessment for the second time, if time allows you are able to do it on the same day or it would be arranged for the next available assessment date.

Luckily that day, there was enough time to do the assessment for the second time for me!

For the second assessment, if you fail it then you do fail the course and need to re-set the full course again.

The second assessment is with a different assessor and a different scenario, I had done a bit more revision and in fact, the bit I decided to do a bit more revision and the bit I did further revision on was what I got assessed on! (I had no idea that this is what I would be assessed on it was just by chance that it was!)

I was informed by the assessor that I’m a Country Fair and my teammates had left me alone in the treatment centre while they went to give ice cream (some teammates!) so I had to man it by myself.

The casualty came ‘into’ the treatment centre and I was able to diagnose what was wrong and done the steps to help them, now again as I had to give CPR they then lost consciousness and then had to do the CPR again (while my ‘teammates’ were still away for ice-cream)

They did come back eventually…  but they seem to have forgotten to bring me some ice cream 🙁

Luckily, I managed to pass the assessment second time round, so I am officially an SJA First Aider!

Due to COVID19 however, there isn’t currently many events I can attend and before I am able to attend events, I need to do a further two day ‘Care Module’ course, which I have booked onto in August. 

I will be posting more about my journey with SJA along with the two-day course in August so watch this space!

Note – I have not posted what type of medical emergencies I had to deal with, this is because if any future people read this whoa re doing the OFA Course don’t get told what scenario they would be dealing with, so I don’t want to give it away!

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