Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

So today, I just wanted to give a quick update on the current progress of my recently announced move and changes in my personal life.

In the past week, I have received confirmation that I will be renting a furnished flat which I had looked at which is now even more exciting as the big move is coming to a step closer!

I will be picking up the keys next weekend of which shows that things are now moving along nicely!

I will be sure to post pictures of the lovely new flat I will be staying in for the foreseeable future until I plan a more permanent accommodation.

Currently, I am planning to get the key’s next weekend which will mean the following weekend I will move my belong’s down (or most of them) which will then allow me to move in w/c  24th September in time for my job to start on the 1st October.

Keep an eye out as I provide more updates as it all progresses so keep an eye out for this!

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