Thu. Oct 28th, 2021


As you may be able to tell from both my blog and also from my YouTube Channel I love to travel when I can after all there is nothing better than going on holiday for some rest and relaxation.

One thing you might not know is that when I travel I do it myself.

Both my friends and even people I meet on holiday always ask do I not get bored, do I enjoy travelling alone, would you not rather travel with someone?

I have been enjoying travelling solo for a number of years now and the biggest thing I can say about it is that I do enjoy it very much in fact I love it.

I’m sure you have all been there when you have travelled with someone is the you will do things to please them attached times that suit them rather than most of the time doing what you want and when you want.

For me and I’m sure you will know or seen on do enjoy Scuba Diving and when I have been in holiday to Sharm el Sheikh (apart from this year!) Most of my time when I’ve been away on holiday has been spent underwater scuba diving.

When I’m not scuba diving on holiday I love just being able to speak for me time relaxing and maybe some excursions.

I have never not yet found a holiday where I have found myself bored or fed-up and have walkways loved every minute of it.

So as you can tell I love Solo Travel, there is nothing wrong with it so infact ¬†for most of the holidays in have made friends and found people to chat to so with that it isn’t boring at all.

Just being able to relax, swim, take part in any activities the hotel has is enjoyable enough for me oh and not forgetting relaxing at night with a drink or two.

I would recommend Solo Travel to anyone, there is nothing to be worried about and you never know you might just find it very enjoyable like me!

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