Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Sonos Beam




Ease of Use


Value for Money







  • Easy to use
  • Simple to setup
  • Great Sound
  • Can be used for Surround Sound


  • Nothing worth mentioning

So you may remember from another post I made of the Sonos Play:1 when I moved house and got a new TV I got a small deal to buy the Sonos Beam

It’s something which I was looking at for a while now and I must admit I’m very pleased that I did get one!

The setup was very easy (you do need an internet connection to set it up) and only took a few minutes and was having the sound from my TV going through the Beam in addition to this I set up my two Play:1 speakers so I can get a good surround-sound although the power behind the Beam is more than enough!

You don’t just need to use the Beam bar for your TV, you can also use it to play your music through the supported 3rd party sites which are supported by Sonos.

The sound quality is amazing and gives a great kick (not so good if you live in a flat, you may annoy people!).

Although it is a bit pricey I can fully recommend it if you are looking for good quality sound for your TV and I have so far been enjoying using it very much.

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