Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Well today was the first day of my brand new job which is a massive change for me, no longer working in the travel industry for 12 years.

I’m working for a small local company well, I say small they have just over 50 employees and are only a 10 minute or so walk from where I live so that is even better, no more getting up early to travel on a bus to work!

The job I’m going to be doing is a Provisioning Administrator with view of moving up to a Co-ordinator at a later date after I learn the ropes.

I will be doing a number of tasks which will include dealing with requests for setting up phone lines into businesses and moving phone numbers from one providor to another and other tasks as well.

For me, I’m looking forward to the new challange it’s also nice to work for a small company (non corporte company) and even on the first day everyone was very nice to speak to and felt like its going to be a lovely place to work and progress in.

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