Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

So, I had so many people read my last article on here about Thomas Cook with so many comments, it was so nice to see.

For me, even with it being just over a month later, it still seem’s so strange not doing my normal ‘thing’ by getting up at 6.30am each day taking the X4 about an hour later into Lychwood Business Park and walking into the Thomas Cook office to work my day at Westpoint with so many brilliant people.

Even a month later it has been so nice being able to use the power of social media to keep in touch with many colleagues that I worked with, so many that I call friend but ist still difficult knowing that each workday I’m not walking back into the office to see them, to work with them.

I won’t ever forget the 22nd and 23rd September, for what I would have to say have been the most difficult time of my life losing a job that I truly loved and was passionate about a job that I had been working at for just over 12 years but of course, it had many highlights.

From many great holidays I took, Egypt, Turkey and Mexico being the most recent of which I’m glad I decided to go on this year. From working in London during the 2012 Olympics for a week to help with issuing tickets. Not forgetting being part of the ‘SAT’ Team with deployments twice to Cuba in 2016 and 2017 post hurricanes and more recent just a few weeks before the collapse, I travelled to Orlando in preparation for Hurricane Dorrien which was forecast to be a direct hit over Orlando.

Working in many different departments in the Larbert Contact Centre (Scottland) from Customer Helpdesk, Mission Control and Customer Relations all giving me the experience to get a promotion and a ‘big’ move to Peterborough.

The friends I made over the 12 years of working at Thomas Cook was amazing. The experiences I had I will never forget.

Yes, I still hurt, I still find it difficult that there is no longer a Thomas Cook of which was a company I truly loved to say I worked for but I have so many happy memories during my time, memories I will never forget.

Winning 3 awards, being an ‘A Performer’ 3 times, the friends I made, the experiences it gave me, I will forever be thankful for.

Now, the happy party is that I was able to get a new job just a week later after losing my job with Thomas Cook.

The support that my new employeer has given me, the care of a company has been amazing. I’m not sure if I would have been able to cope so well over the past few week’s without this. I am already almost at 4 weeks now of being with them and I’m pleased to say that its a company I can see that I will love and have the same passion as I had for TC.

It may be a small company but already I find it so much better being able to see people in the company every day including the Managing Director Steffen is just an amazing experience, being able to speak to the Management Team who also care for all of the staff is also brilliant.

While I was lucky to get a job so quickly, my thoughts remain with so many friends, so many people who worked for Thomas Cook across the business who struggle and are still trying to get a new job.

If you read this, please do ensure that you give them a chance like I have been given and take good care of them, everyone of them are brilliant people who any company would be lucky to have 💛

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